Thursday, November 5, 2015

Walter Wick :: I Spy

In IBL I have started a new project with a grade 3 class exploring the work of Walter Wick. He is the photographer behind I Spy books and Can You See What I See? Today we explored the books with an examining eye and noted what we notice about his work and what we wonder about his work. We collected our wonders on this padlet. We are going to connect with Walter Wick, either online or with a Skype call next week to actually ask him our questions! Then we will use his expertise to publish our own "I Spy" book with our own collections of items. We are all pumped about this project!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Layered Liquids

Today in IBL we did a experiment wfe miss dent it was fun! - Karsten                                                   Today we had a grat day because we did a experamat waf miss dent. We uost liquids to. It was fun we had a grat day! i liket my day - Shelby!!!!

In IBL I am working with my own class! It is nice to work with them and my teacher partner, Candace at the same time!
We have been doing experiments for Solids, Liquids and Gasses. Today we talked about density and layered liquids in a jar. Science experiments are the best because kids are so engaged. They just cannot wait to see what will happen. We get to talk about scientific information, make predictions and then actually see what happens. Today they learned that liquids that are more dense stay at the bottom and liquids that are less dense go to the top. We are all having a blast!

From bottom to top: honey, corn syrup, dish soap, water, oil and rubbing alcohol.

Making in the Makerspace

We made  a video 
First we took a picture then we took another picture
andrew ashley alex dyson  adam kayden made it
it  was in the library at  makerspace. It took 4 days. we used a lot of clay. we used lots of  different colors. Like green brown blue grey and yellow. we took lots pictures. we made lizards a pond 2 trees turtles and snakes.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Global Read Aloud

This month we have been participating the the Global Read Aloud. This is a very cool reading project that uses books to connect classrooms around the globe. Groups in similar grades are all reading the same book and connecting online to discuss, predict and share ideas. We have connected with classes in Canada and the United States!
We are reading "The Year of Billy Miller" by Kevin Henkes. Today we used padlet to post ideas we had about a problem in the story. I created the padlet and then each of the kids posted their own idea in the computer lab. Now we can share the padlet with the other classes we know and have them post their ideas! You can check it out below.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Supporting Our Community

As we continue to explore our community, we are talking about how we can support our community and help the people around us that are in need. There are two great initiatives going on right now that we can help with!

 First, we found out through Instagram that Siloam Mission, (a shelter in Winnipeg that provides food, shelter, clothing and many services to the less fortunate) is in immediate need of men's and women's jeans and hoodies. If you have any of these items that you no longer need and would be willing to donate, please send them to school and I will deliver all donations to Siloam Misson. 

Second, Kid President initiated SOCKTOBER! You can check out the video below that explains it very well and has a little dancing too! Our SPIN Club is collecting *new* socks for the first two weeks of October. They will be donated to a shelter in our regional community to help those in need.

So this is where we are starting with ways we can support our communities. We are just beginning!


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Our Great Community Walk!

Today we went on a walk to explore our community and look closely at the things we have in our community.

When we started the walk we saw lots of things like the mailboxes and we saw the bank and a lot of stuff. -Shelby

WE had partners and mine was Ryann. We carried the clipboards and the pencil and wrote lots of stuff on the paper. -Matea

On the walk we saw lots of big trucks and we walked to Sobey's and there were lots of acorns on the ground. -Andrew

On the walk we passed my dad's work when we were heading to the park. He works at a chiropractor.  -Dyson

We saw my friends work. It's by Jonesy's. It's a dentist. On the way before I saw my friends work, we saw some acorns. -Ashley

I saw lots of Ford trucks. -Karsten

Then we started heading to the park and we played there for about 20 minutes or so. -Ryann

So we found two hundred or two thousand acorns so that was fun doing our walk because we got to play at the end at Quarry Park. -Alex

We went to the park and I went on the swing and then after that we looked at lots of acorns. I picked up lots too. -Karsten

When we were heading to the park I saw a lot of cool stuff and I saw a car getting fixed. -Shelby

Friday, September 11, 2015

Our Exciting First Week at School

On our first day it felt like a very, very short day. -Shelby

On the second day of school we had gym and library. -Dyson

This week at school me and Ms. Lefko read "The Little Red Pen." It was great!! -Marley

At gym it was awesome because we did fun activities like some games. -Ryann

This week at school we had gym and we had math and the math was very fun because we coloured and we wrote it out ourselves. -Andrew

At our first week of grade 2, I liked colouring the t-shirts. -Rylee

At school this week we met a new girl named Marley! She is a nice girl. We are happy that she is in our class! -Ashley

We had fun this week at school because we did lots of art work. -Karsten

Our first week of school was awesome because we went to gym, I love gym. -Matea

We had a lovely time on the first day of school. We met our new friends. -Sawyer

The new girl that came into our class, we were friends right away! -Isla

At recess I had fun playing with my friends this week. We played football and soccer. -Adam

Thursday, September 10, 2015

It Only Takes One || Be Someone's Hero

Welcome back! We have had a great start to grade 2 this year already!

A common theme we like to focus on at our school is the idea the it only takes one person to make a difference. By doing one simple, kind thing for someone else we can change their day and send a ripple of kindness around. We talk about this a lot at school and especially in our assemblies when we are all together.

Yesterday at our Welcome Back assembly, Mrs. Palamar showed us a great video from the oh-so-entertaining Kid President. He always has the best messages and delivers them so well! There were so many great quotes to take away from this video, we will definitely be watching it again in the future. Here is the video for you to check out and some of our favorite and most important quotes!

"You have everything right now to change the world."

"Heroes are just ordinary people doing extraordinary things. They inspire other people to be extraordinary."

"If you want to be awesome, treat people awesome."

"It’s about compassion; there is nothing stronger than that."

"You just need to care."

"You have everything that you need to make someone’s day more awesome."

"Someone may never have told you this, but I promise it’s true; the world needs heroes and that hero could be you."

Friday, June 26, 2015

Countdown Photobooth

For the last 11 days of school we have been having a countdown. Each day we pop a balloon and in the balloon is a special activity for us to do the next day. Some of them have been reading outside, sidewalk chalk outside with new, special chalk and bonus computer lab time. Last week one of them was a photo booth. I brought in a backdrop and some props for the kids to use. It turns out grade 2 kids are THE BEST in a photo booth. The endless energy and creativity works quite well! As you will see, some of them LOVED being in front of the camera. It was up to the kids how many photos they wanted but everyone got in at least one shot (not everyone's photo can be posted to the blog). There are a few that are in about 60% of them! This was a blast. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Touring Canada

We had a lot of success with our #postcardproject and learned about a lot of different communities in Canada. Now we are using that learning along with Tellagami to create a virtual tour of Canada! Each student will create a gami with 30 seconds worth of the information they got on their postcard. The full details of each location can also be seen on our Google Map of Canada.

Here are some of our gamis!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Mystery Skype Call

We have been practicing and preparing for our first Mystery Skype call! Finally the day is here and we will have our call this afternoon. We think we are all set.

We will use Skype to connect with a class somewhere else in the world. We will have to ask them yes or no questions to figure out where they are. This ties perfectly in with our recent explorations of Manitoba and Canada. We have been receiving postcards from people we know around Canada giving us information about their communities. The community we will connect with today is one of them!

We will use paper maps that are laminated so we can write on them as we narrow down our guess. We will also have a Google map up on our projector that we can move and zoom in on as we narrow it down. We have practiced starting with general questions and then getting more specific as we hone in on a region. The questions have to be yes or no questions. Some questions we might ask are:
"Are you in the north or south part of Canada?"
"Are you in the east or west part of Canada?"
"Are you in the province/territory ...?"
"Are you in the north or south part of the province?"
"Are you in the east or west part of  the province?"
"Are you close to water?"
"Is your home urban?"

We are super excited to connect with another class this way!

The call was a huge success! We asked really smart questions and narrowed it down quickly, just like we practiced. Some kids sat at the paper maps, some took photos, some asked questions, some wrote down the answers and some focused on the Google map. Everyone was totally engaged. We will totally do this again!

Seeing and hearing the students run the call, ask smart questions and be involved in their own way was so exciting for me. I love it when all the little parts of an inquiry or project come together and the kids have a really neat way to show me what they know. They applied what they have worked through this year in so many ways. Huge win!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Field Day!

We had an amazing field day today! Huge thanks to Mrs. Rand who spends countless hours organizing it all for us. It ran so smoothly and we are very appreciative. At the end of the day we made this slide show while we enjoyed our popsicles :)

field day movie from LeslieDent on Vimeo.

Thursday, June 11, 2015


Today the Bird's Hill School Run Club went to the mini-athon at Dr. Hamilton school. For the first time, grade 2 students were invited to join run club this year! Katelyn, Abbey, Jaden, Evan, Chantal and Addison have been in run club this year. Katelyn, Abbey and Evan have even run the whole time with Mrs. Dent Scarcello a few times at our morning practices! This is a great accomplishment! We had a great time at the mini-athon and the runners did a great job.

Lulu and the Mysterious Mission || Book Review

We just finished reading Lulu and the mysterious Mission. It is the second Lulu book we have read. We really like Lulu and the Brontosaurus so we were excited to try this one.

Lulu's parents are going on vacation WITHOUT Lulu. So she has to have a babysitter. She doesn't want a babysitter. She tries to escape and do sneaky things to get her parents to come home on the next plane. -Kate

This is what we thought of it:

After the Lulu and the Brontosaurus one we had 2 books to choose from, this one and  Flora and Ulysses and the whole class picked Lulu and the Mysterious Mission. It was really interesting. - Gabby

I like when Lulu sang the poem. She sang it because she wanted the babysitter to go. The babysitter's name was Sonya Sofia Solinski or Triple S. -Haylee

I liked when Lulu tried to escape by climbing out her bathroom window and climbing down the tree. I also like the one where she used the top secret code message and tried to get her friend to bring her 3 cats over and SSS was allergic to cats. -Adam

I liked the story because when Ms Solinski transformed Lulu into Lou so she transformed into a lady, a mad kid and a cow. -Jaden

I really liked it because it was funny and I liked when it said "the end" it was spread across 2 different pages. -Addison

I liked the ending of the story but I am not telling what it was. -Anthony

I really liked it because she was trying to escape and it was really funny because Ms Solinski was always finding her. -Kate

We recommend this book 100%, 10/10, 5 stars. We think our siblings would like this book and maybe seniors because they like to read a lot. We also think our moms and dads would like it too. We think Mrs. Henry's class would like it because they are also in grade 2.